Sunday, 16 September 2007

Busy Week

What a busy week, first the bead fair and then commissions for a whole set of Christmas presents (coasters, pendants and vessels) and all that with family staying!

The Perth Bead Fair was a fantastic event! Thanks so much to everyone that came to visit my table and special thanks to all those who chose some of my beads to take away with them. It was great to meet so many lovely bead fans. Looking forward to the next fair now in February next year.

Not had chance to take any photos yet this week, will try and manage some during the next week and will also try and get a few more things up in the shop!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

A Week to the Bead Fair

Well September already and only a week to the Bead Fair in Perth! Where does the time go? Hopefully, I have everything under control and haven't forgotten anything! As well as getting all the last minute things sorted this week I hope to be able to make some more beads. Everyone keeps telling me I'll need lots!

Whatever happens I will be starting to sell beads on my shop page after the 9th so do check back often to see what's available! Meanwhile here's a couple more things that will be coming to the fair with me.