Monday, 27 April 2009

OMG I came third - Delphi Art Glass Festival 2009!!!

I can't believe it!! I entered this dish a while back and had almost forgotten about entering. Then tonight I was just checking my e-mails and almost didn't check the one from Delphi. As it turned out it was announcing that the winners had been chosen and when I went to look there was my dish!!! Gobsmacked or what!!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunny Sunday!!

It was such a gorgeous morning this morning I took the camera out into the garden to see what was going on. Here's a few of the things I found...

There are more like these on my flickr photostream!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Baby Booties!!

I was just having a little wander around the internet and Folksy when I came across some of my buttons! Now, most times, I don't get to see how my buttons are used, they go off to the post office and are never seen again. They may end up on someone's knitted cardi or grace the front of a handmade card or even just get to hang out with lots of other lovely buttons in somebody's button jar. So, it was really great to see how Baby Blonde Design had sewn them on the front of the new baby booties she has made. Take a look...aren't these just the cutest!!
This last pair don't have buttons on but I think they are just so fancy!! Perfect booties for a special occasion!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sock knitting!

So I have started my journey into the wonderful world of knitting socks! First up was a visit to the local craft shop for some double pointed needles. It's an interesting little shop which unfortunately is soon to be no more. Anyway, the very nice lady sold me some needles. Now I'm not sure but I think the packet was quite old, if anyone can tell me the approximate age of these I would be very interested to know...

Having got some needles I started with a ball of scrap wool, just to get the feel of working with 3 needles instead of 2. Hmm, well it seemed to be going ok until I realised I was working inside out! Ooops! Thank goodness for Google - soon sorted myself out! Little bit later and things were going well enough to try the real thing with my hand-dyed yarn from Blottedcopybook. Wasn't long though before I could see that needles and yarn were not well matched and the size just wasn't going to be big enough.

So attempt number 2 was abandoned and the hand dyed yarn put aside until I know I've got the right pattern and needles for it. In the meantime I'm going to try and actually get to finish at least one sock (though 2 would be preferable) so that I have some idea of what I'm doing! Third time lucky maybe?

Friday, 10 April 2009

Happy Easter!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! As promised I have pictures today of the goodies I received from Sam at Incy Wincy Stitches in her role as my Secret Easter Chick!

Here's all the lovely pressies together, although they didn't stay like this for very long as, sorry to say, the chocolate met with a very quick demise! Well... it was my favourite!

Here's a closer look at that really pretty felt egg... the chick isn't there as he flew off to decorate my desk calendar!

Sam makes the prettiest little fabric buttons and has a shop on her website where she may even be selling some of my buttons soon. Anyway as she sent me the gorgeous fabric squares, which she bought from Gone to Earth, and the button blanks I just had to have a go! So here is my first fabric button...
it looks ok in the picture but I think I need some more practise! Actually it could get quite addictive! :)

Lovely surprises!!!

I know I've been neglecting my blog again! I've actually been rather busy as I had an order for a large quantity of knitting needle ends from Kerry at Pennydog and wanted to get them finished for her as quickly as possible. They are all ready now apart from the varnish drying on the glittery ones so I will be able to get those out to her soon.

Anyway I was really lucky this week as not only did I receive my parcel from my Secret Easter Chick (who turned out to be Sam at Incy Wincy Stitches!!!) but I also received some beautiful hand-dyed yarn from Vonnie at Adventures of a Lady in Training!!! She even put in some of her beautiful stitch markers with owl charms on.

Now I need to think of something to knit. I was thinking socks as I've never knitted socks before but I'm not sure now - I'd want to go around with no shoes on to show off the lovely colours! The parcel also included a beautiful card which had been handmade by the very talented Sue aka Chickadee!
Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you what I received from my Secret Easter Chick!!