Friday, 22 May 2009

Nesting Barn Owls!!!

Nineteen year ago when we decided to buy an old farmhouse in France as our full time home one of the first things I wanted to do was put up an owl nesting box. So, making use of an old tea-chest I found, I made a few alterations in the hopes that some owl might find it a desirable residence. It was placed up in the eaves of the large barn at the back of the house. After it was in place I bought a book about Barn Owls and was dismayed to find that the best design for their nest boxes was nothing like mine. So I was really pleased and surprised when one evening a few months after it was installed I saw a Barn owl fly out of it!! There were 5 owlets reared in the box that year!! This is what the box looks like today...

19 years on and it's still in place. Admittedly it is looking a little worn but guess what.... the owls are still using it!!! There is a pair of Barn Owls nesting there again this year! This means I get to sit in the comfort of my bedroom in the evenings and watch them coming and going and if my stay at the farmhouse goes on long enough (not sure yet how long it will be) I may even get to see the latest generation take their first flight!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Been a while!!

I know it's been ages since my last blog post! I've been travelling about but have finally come to rest for a few weeks in one place which will hopefully allow me to get back to the computer for a while! I've even had some time to make some things in polymer clay! Shame I couldn't bring a kiln and some glass with me as this is a great place for inspiration (more about that later)!!

Anyway, I've mostly been making buttons, of course, but have also managed a few things which I'm hoping will become components in some jewellery. The problem I have now is that I keep making and baking but not getting around to sanding and polishing!! This means the 'to-be-sanded' pile is mounting up fast! Took this photo earlier and then made 2 more batches of baked items which need to be added to the pile!!