Friday, 29 August 2008

Fused Glass Pendants

Well I finally got around to photographing some of my fused pendants! Something I've been meaning to do for months. Goodness they are difficult to photograph, especially as many of them have lots of details which are difficult to pick up with the camera. Anyway, I shall be putting some pendants up for sale on my website! So check them's a taster..


Thursday, 28 August 2008


Well breathing a sigh of relief then this morning on finding that the coasters had fused together nicely and were worthy of having their corner bumpers put on ready for their new home. So introducing Chevron coasters in blue and grey:

A few months ago I decided to have a go at raking some glass. So I hired the kiln at my friend Rachel's glass supplies shop 'Retro Glass', and went over to try it out. I had only done it once before during a course I had done, so was a bit nervous about playing with the glass when it was at 930 degrees C. Well I had to wear all the gear - kevlar gloves and a mask to protect from UV and IR and wear a thick cotton shirt (back to front) but here I am ready to rake-

I actually think this mask is great, I might just need to get one of these to wear when I go out! Believe it or not I can see perfectly through it. Anyway, on with the raking, once the kiln was up to temperature it was time to have a go...

The result, which I finally decided to make into something, has been cut and is fire-polishing in the kiln as I type...

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Enough bubbles?

Well yesterday I slumped the circle so today I have the finished bowl and 2 small square bubble dishes to complete the bubble trio...

What a fun set and I realised this morning the small dishes would make great soap dishes for a bathroom as the fused squares are raised.

I think maybe I will leave the bubbles for now and try something a bit different. The kiln is already on with some more coasters that were a lot of work to put together but will be great if they behave themselves while they're cooking. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Fused Glass Bubbles, Take 2

So, sure enough when I opened the kiln this morning - lots of bubbles! Remember the glass circle that looked like this yesterday....

Well this is how it looked this morning after its firing...

Some of the glass squares covered special, coloured, bubble powder. So, what looked like whitish powder going in, actually matches the other powder coming out only with bubbles! Kinda fun really but I'm thinking I'll have to do another circle now with the 2 coloured squares as I actually liked that effect too.

Something else that came out of the kiln today were these coasters with very delicate enamel design.

These coasters will look great on a light coloured surface to show off the design!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Fused Glass Bubbles

But not the kind that fusers are usually either trying to create or prevent. These ones remind me of those littles pots of liquid, with a wand, you can get for kids. At least that's what I was thinking of when I was cutting all these small circles of glass. Some of the circles are in opaque glass but some are cut from clear irridescent glass so the 'bubbles' actually change colour with the light. Then I added some dichro slide circles that are just like the tiny bubbles with intense colour. Think I must be going back to my childhood with this one. Maybe I'll just go out and buy one of those little pots...

Staying with the bubbles theme, but this time the deliberately made air bubbles inside the glass, the kiln contains a piece that will hopefully have lots of them... and several other things as well.


Friday, 22 August 2008

Getting back to blogging

Well it's been so long since I added anything to this blog. It's almost like I'm starting from scratch again. I am, however, starting with really good news as I've had my larger items of fused work accepted into a local gallery! I've even had my first sale, which is great, and so have to bid farewell to Sparkling waters. Such a lovely blue colour! I need to get some more of this glass!

It's interesting that the blue should sell as I made another blue bowl this week, still with a water theme but with lots more texture. Blue waves!

I've also been doing a bit of a website revamp, and I'm much happier with the overall effect this time around. The subtle colouring of the site lets the glass speak for itself. I've even managed to put a few things up for sale in the shop.