Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Owl Swap, parcel received!! And Buttons for Comic Relief!

Wow, what a fantastic parcel full of goodies I received in the post this morning! Meridian organised an owl swap and my swap partner was Katy of I'm a Ginger Monkey fame . Katy's parcel to me contained all these owly goodies!!...
Actually to take this picture I had to gather everything up together again as I was wearing the owl brooch, had already hung the quilted wallhanging up on the wall, the eggs were chilling in the fridge for this evening's treat and I was using the notepad and pen at my desk. So, a big thank you!! to Katy - I love all my owl goodies!! I really hope she likes all the things I am sending her but I will have to wait to find out as Katy is away on her hols now for 2 weeks!!

As well as playing with my owly things I've also been having another go with my polymer clay. I made some buttons this time and have donated them to the Crafteroo folksy shop to help raise money for Comic Relief. These were the first ones I made - special red nose buttons - and they have already sold to Incywincy!
Then I made some purple gingham buttons...Hmm now what should I make next...?

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Hannah said...

Great swap goodies, love the gingham buttons ;)