Saturday, 18 April 2009

Baby Booties!!

I was just having a little wander around the internet and Folksy when I came across some of my buttons! Now, most times, I don't get to see how my buttons are used, they go off to the post office and are never seen again. They may end up on someone's knitted cardi or grace the front of a handmade card or even just get to hang out with lots of other lovely buttons in somebody's button jar. So, it was really great to see how Baby Blonde Design had sewn them on the front of the new baby booties she has made. Take a look...aren't these just the cutest!!
This last pair don't have buttons on but I think they are just so fancy!! Perfect booties for a special occasion!!


Lazy Daisy Glass said...

I agree, they are very cute. But your buttons do look the part on them.

eve said...

these are fab, it is always good to see what people have done with your creations,x