Monday, 25 August 2008

Fused Glass Bubbles

But not the kind that fusers are usually either trying to create or prevent. These ones remind me of those littles pots of liquid, with a wand, you can get for kids. At least that's what I was thinking of when I was cutting all these small circles of glass. Some of the circles are in opaque glass but some are cut from clear irridescent glass so the 'bubbles' actually change colour with the light. Then I added some dichro slide circles that are just like the tiny bubbles with intense colour. Think I must be going back to my childhood with this one. Maybe I'll just go out and buy one of those little pots...

Staying with the bubbles theme, but this time the deliberately made air bubbles inside the glass, the kiln contains a piece that will hopefully have lots of them... and several other things as well.


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Jude said...

This is a beautiful piece. I am brand new to glass fusing and have been having a ball making pendants. Now I want to start using molds and making things just like this piece. Any advice for the novice?