Friday, 30 January 2009

Busy weekend!!

I've got an exciting weekend coming up this weekend!! Tomorrow I'm off to attend the first UK date of the Bullseye Lecture Tour. This should be a fabulous day with two amazing glass artists...Richard Whiteley and Heike Brachlow speaking.

Then on Sunday I've been invited along to the official opening of the new glass studio at Retro Glass in Alloa! This promises to be quite an event...I've already had a sneak peek inside the studio which doubles the space they have at Retro and means they will have more facilities for hire. I already have my name down for a session with their new sand-blaster!

I've also got a kiln full of beads which are annealing as I type, so hopefully I will be able to get them cleaned and photographed at some point in the next couple of days. With any luck there will be fresh beads for sale at the beginning of next week.


SNOW QUEEN said...

Ooh! you lucky thing, have a fab time! :)

Lani said...

Hi Gill,
I expect that you're sitting in the lecture hall as I type - and I'm green with envy! Wish I'd been able to be there. Hope you enjoyed it.

Glamglass said...

Hope you had a fab weekend?? Let us know how it went!