Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Spring is around the corner!

There I was lying in bed this morning trying to pretend that it really wasn't time to get up when I heard a noise. As soon as I heard it I realised that I hadn't heard that noise for some time! What was it? Birdsong! Ok so it was only one bird so no great morning chorus but it did make me think that the start of spring might actually be approaching. Which, after all the really dark, rainy, grey days we've had recently, was quite a refreshing thought! Just to confirm this I looked in the garden and there were the first snowdrops of the year bright white in the darkness underneath the trees!
And right there next to the snowdrops was a whole bunch more bulbs coming up through the soggy leaves! So it won't be too long before the garden is bright with daffodils again! Spring is definitely in the air!!