Friday, 20 March 2009

Hearts Galore!!

I have been stockpiling buttons that were baked but needed sanding and polishing. So last night I had a good session and managed to get 4 sets done! Still a couple of sets left to do but at least I can now get those other sets listed in my Folksy Shop!! So the shop is looking a bit better stocked now!

I was hoping for more sunshine this morning for taking the photos but alas it was not to be. At least it was not dark and rainy! Now I've listed those 4 sets I think I need to make some buttons that aren't heart shaped! :) Getting into a bit of a rut there. After all that sanding I think the next buttons will be mica decorated ones that have to be varnised for a change! :)


Zoe said...

WOW they are all lovely love love love them

Kitty Ballistic said...

Wow, those are fab - I love those 'primitive' sets. Those stripy ones are my favourites though - how big are they?

Gill said...

Thanks Kitty! The Hearts are all just under 3 cms tall.